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The Center for Knowledge Management and Horizontal Cooperation offers the largest repository of specialized courses on agriculture in the Americas.

We offer:

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  • Free courses or not with certificate download.
  • Self-managed

More Information

The Service Center for Knowledge Management and Horizontal Cooperation is the main instrument for supporting and strengthening technical cooperation to the member countries and strategic partners of IICA, transforming knowledge into actions.

We offer free and open courses for all those interested in our continent and the world. 

In our courses, you will carry out evaluations, whose objective is to verify the knowledge acquired and strengthen your learning.

It will be evaluated by means of short single-choice questions that allow the student to reinforce the contents learned in each module. To pass the course a minimum grade of 70 or 80 points is required as indicated. 

Only if you achieve this rating, you can download the participation certificate.

Certificates may be charged, if indicated in the course. 

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