Bayer’s training program for an easier achievement of localg.a.p.

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Bayer's training program for an easier achievement  of localG.A.P

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Module 1.  Site history and site management. Integrated pest management.

Module 2. Safe use. Crop protection products.

Module 3. Application technology. Waste and pollution management.

Module 4. Food safety.

Module 5. Irrigation systems. Traceability and documentation.

Module 6. Pollinators.

Everyone interested in this topic is welcome in this course.

Here, we will share information about good agricultural practices, as well as relevant content for the compliance criteria of GLOBALG.A.P.’s program localg.a.p.

The participants have the opportunity to gain this knowledge and apply it with their own crops.

It is necessary to participate and complete each activity in the course to accumulate the final score that will allow you to obtain the Certificate of Participation. 

The final score must be greater than or equal to 80.

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