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Introduction to price analysis in agriculture.

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In response to the suggestions received, the Market Information Organization of the Americas (MIOA), modified the contents of the Basic Price Analysis Course to facilitate the development of content for users. That is why, on this occasion, the course "Introduction to price analysis in agriculture" is made available, which covers the first part of the original course.

More information
The Market Information Organization of the Americas (MIOA) is pleased to present and make available to its member countries the virtual course on "Introduction to Price Analysis in Agriculture".

The main objective of the course is to strengthen the technical capacities of those responsible for the operation of market information systems in their respective countries. In this way, they will be able to increase and update their knowledge in the analysis of prices, managing to influence in an effective way in the decision making of the different market players and with that, to improve the transparency with which the commercial activity is carried out.

In addition, this course is designed so that university students from different social disciplines can learn the basic concepts, which allow them a better understanding of the tools available for agricultural price analysis, learning about the markets’ structure, behavior and performance; as well as to better understand and interpret the transmission of prices between products and markets.

In order to make this course possible, five universities located in the hemisphere, which are strategic partners of MIOA, along with IICA's technical advisers, which provided their time, availability and knowledge so that the content that you are about to receive, to be very advantaging and useful to perform their responsibilities.

We wish you success throughout your participation in this Basic Agricultural Price Analysis for decision-making. We hope that we learn together and that in the end, this is the first step, in the way of searching for the continuous improvement of our markets information systems of the Americas.

Course topics:
  • Approach to price formation
  • Supply and Demand Determinants
  • Market Structures and Prices

At the end of this course you will find a closing module, which will allow each participant to complete the final evaluation. In addition, you will be able to provide us with feedback on the course by completing a quality survey..

Course topics

  • Approach to price formation
  • Supply and Demand Determinants
  • Market Structures and Prices

Overall Goal:

  • To strengthen technical knowledge and capabilities in basic agricultural price analysis in order to contribute to efficient decision-making. This will be done through the presentation of analytical tools and techniques that will allow for better appreciation and understanding of the structure, behavior and performance of markets, particularly farmers’ markets.

Specific Goals

  • To become familiar with the factors that determine price formation, especially prices linked to agricultural products, as well as the types of market structure that exist and their principal implications for decision-making.
  • The course is of special interest to those interested in strengthening technical knowledge and skills in the basic analysis of agricultural prices.

It is necessary to participate and complete each activity in the course to accumulate the final score that will allow you to obtain the Certificate of Participation. 

The final score must be greater than or equal to 80.

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